Flor de Lotus

Flor de lotus, or the lotus flower is one of the world's favorite and can be found almost everywhere. But the beginning of its life is not as beautiful as you think it is. It's definitely like any flowers. A lotus begins its life under the water, usually in ponds or lakes where water remains fairly still at the surface. Underneath its home, different kinds of fish, mud, insects, and any dirty, rough condition surround the lotus.

But despite all these unpleasant setting, the lotus flower remains strong and tries to find its way out to the surface. By this time, the lotus is just a stem with a few leaves and a small pod of flower. But as it continues to grow, the pod gradually rises on the water, extensively liberating itself from the harsh condition beneath. Its petals then gently open one by one welcoming the rays of the shining sun. Now the lotus is finally ready to share its beautiful charm, to inspire every life that surrounds it.

Although the life of a lotus begins in darkness, that did not stop it from growing. In fact, those obstacles made the lotus become more exceptional, beautiful, and inspirational.